Pathway: Landmarks

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Landmarks Page

The Realms of Everyday Enlightenment each have some noticeable Landmarks which show the likely alignment someone within that Realm has with each of the Beacons and their various Lenses. These Landmarks are things that need to be noticed and explored in the context of those Lenses and Beacons. And then through working on the Trails and Guides these Landmarks will serve as markers toward the next Realm where new Landmarks await.

Typically, to explore Landmarks you would start with Trails or Lenses to see which Landmarks align with your enlightenment goals. If you would like to look through the full list of Landmarks, you can use this table to explore The Map of Everyday Enlightenment organized by the Landmarks. Otherwise, you can try one of the other Pathways.

Landmarks Beacons Lenses Realms Trails Guides
Acknowledge Negative Emotions Without Judgment Attention Non-Judgment Enrollment Learn About Attention Stressful Moments
Experiment with Mindfulness and Television Attention Mindfulness Engagement Rooms and Boundaries
Experimenting with Cravings Adaptation Non-Seeking Enrollment Learn About Adaptation Eating
Explore Presence While Walking Attention Presence Engagement Walking
Extended Witnessing Association Witnessing Engagement Doing Chores
Have Experimented with Witnessing Association Witnessing Enrollment Brushing Your Teeth
Impermanence Basic Understanding Adaptation Impermanence Enrollment Learn About Adaptation Eating
Learn About Non-Aversion Adaptation Non-Aversion Enrollment Learn About Adaptation Stressful Moments
Listen to Someone Mindfully Association Interconnectedness Engagement People
Notice Multiple Sensations Attention Mindfulness Enrollment Learn About Attention Eating
Notice Your Wandering Mind Attention Presence Enrollment Brushing Your Teeth
Observe Duality and Connectedness Association Nonduality Enrollment Learn About Association Eating
Observe Emotions From Outside Association Decentering Enrollment Learn About Association Stressful Moments
Observe Impermanent People Association Nonself Enrollment Learn About Association People
Observe Parts of a Whole Adaptation Special Composition Enrollment Eating
Observe Your Judgment and Non-Judgment Attention Non-Judgment Enrollment Doing Chores
Perceiving Parts as a Whole Adaptation Special Composition Engagement Walking
Simple Mindfulness While Walking Attention Mindfulness Enrollment Walking
Try Headlessness While Walking Association The Headless Way Engagement Walking
Try Mindfully Watching Television Attention Mindfulness Engagement Television
Try Out Other-Centeredness Association Other-Centeredness Engagement People
Use Sounds to be Present Attention Presence Enrollment Learn About Attention Sounds